About the Copenhagen Alliance

We formed the Copenhagen Alliance at a workshop for researchers, language teachers, and translators in Copenhagen in March, 2018. As we worked together, we realized that freely licensed resources would allow us to accomplish much more together. Some groups are blocked because they cannot use resources that other groups have. Several groups are creating similar resources because they are unaware of the work of other groups or because licensing restrictions prevent their use. This duplication of effort is inefficient. Worse, many of these projects are not finished because of insufficient resources, or never achieve the level of quality that could be achieved if we pooled our effort. We decided to form a coalition to identify existing resources, to promote free licensing for existing resources that can be shared, and to create new resources.

Some resources are created only for commercial use or cannot be freely licensed for other reasons. We recognize that fact, and some of our members produce such resources. Our focus is on resources that can be freely licensed.

Steering Committee